iGoogle Pets Gadgets

We have a number of interactive pets Google gadgets to choose from. Find more virtual pets on our virtual pets page.

You can find other fun stuff on our fun and games gadgets page. You might also like some of our lifestyle gadgets.

  • My Pet Cat Virtual Pet

    My Pet Cat Read description / see live gadget »

    A cute white cat for you to feed, name and play with.

    Gadget URL:

  • My Pet Blue Bird Virtual Pet

    My Pet Bird Read description / see live gadget »

    A cute little blue bird in a cage for you to name feed and interact with.

    Gadget URL:

  • My Pet Dog Virtual Pet

    My Pet Dog Read description / see live gadget »

    My dog virtual pet. Wake him up and interact, plus choose a name for your dog.

    Gadget URL:

  • My Pet Fish Virtual Pet

    My Pet Fish Read description / see live gadget »

    Fun interactive virtual pet fish. You can customize and give your fish a name of choice.

    Gadget URL: