Web Widgets for Your Pages

Google gadgets are a type of web widget. Add these Google modules to Blogger, and Google Sites.

Steps to Make your own iGoogle-like start page:

Our widgets were also originally developed for iGoogle, which retired in November 2013. It's free and easy to make your own iGoogle-like page:

  • Open a free Blogger blog, or a free Google site.
  • You will probably want to change the settings to make your blog, or site private. This is a personal page, not something to be shared with everyone, right?
  • Choose a look, add your favorite gadgets, as per the instructions for Google sites or Blogger. (Do not forget to save your updates!) See our Gadget tips to find out about adding gadgets to different pages.
  • Next step, save your page as your browser's homepage. See this help page from the BBC it explains how you go about this for any page.

New Pets Page, plus Live Previews

We have made some exciting changes to WidgetWeb.co.uk!
  • We have introduced a drop-down navigation menu to facilitate our new iGoogle pets page. Check out our latest virtual pets gadgets above.
  • Now when you move your mouse over the thumbnail for a gadget listing, you will see a screenshot for that gadget.
  • Click on the thumbnail for a gadget listing and you will be taken to a page giving a live preview for that gadget.

Good Google Gadgets

A gadget is like a mini web page containing something like a calender, a clock or a game. Gadgets are free. You can add gadgets to places like start pages, profiles and websites. Good gadgets may be useful, interesting, fun, or entertaining. Most of all, good gadgets work!